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Assorted Cakes – 61 Shot

12 assorted 61 shot cakes. 2 each of Silvery Hawk, Warm Greetings, White Dove, Whistling whirl floral, Beehive and Reporting

Beastly – 7 Shot

7 powerful shots of loud crackle to brocade breaks.

Chili pepper/Jaw Breaker/Road Show – 16 Shot

A great three pack. Three great cakes, each with 20 shots can be sold together or separately to give your

Cocktail Party – 16 Shot

16 powerful shots that feature (A)red palm + crackling; (B)green palm + crackling; (C)yellow palm + crackling.

Color Pearl Flower – 96 Shot

96 unique shots of bright and colorful pearls and stars shooting high into the sky.