Honor & Respect – 24 Shot (FSF Exclusive)

Red mine up to red star, blue mine up to blue star, white mine up to white glittering.

Judge, Jury, Executioner – 20 Shot Assorted Cakes

20 Shot vibrant color and crackle 3 assortment cakes

Land of the Free – 16 Shot

Land of the Free. 16 massive shots of patriotism!

Light Speed – 14 Shot

Vertical & fan shape shots with fantastic colors and big bursts. Dominator Fireworks

Mermaid – 36 Shot (FSF Exclusive)

Gold/red glittering + blue mine up to burst; bees + blue star + silver fish; red glittering + silver fish; goose whistle up to emits blue star + red glittering + gold glittering; silver coconut + red glittering, silver chrys + green falling leaves.