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Mermaid – 36 Shot (FSF Exclusive)

Gold/red glittering + blue mine up to burst; bees + blue star + silver fish; red glittering + silver fish; goose whistle up to emits blue star + red glittering + gold glittering; silver coconut + red glittering, silver chrys + green falling leaves.

Neon Party – 220 Shots

Brocade to red ,brocade to green ,brocade to blue . Blast brocade crown with blue ,red to time rain chry ,red with ti silver chry ,purple crackling flower ,green crackling flower ,red crackling flower
power trip

Power Trip – 16 Shot

16 Shot 500 Gram - 16 loud power tripping shots of purple, green, chrysanthemums and bright glitter with a 4 shot finale. Dominator Fireworks