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200 Gram (76)

500 Gram (139)

2" Finale Cake (12)

3" Finale Cake (6)

American Pride – 15 Shot (FSF Exclusive)

Red glitter to blue glitter to white glitter. Show the American Flag your support with this cake!

Assorted Cakes – 61 Shot

12 assorted 61 shot cakes. 2 each of Silvery Hawk, Warm Greetings, White Dove, Whistling whirl floral, Beehive and Reporting

Beast -172 shots

Red to sky blue to green,  Blast red green blue star ,  Blast crackling

Beastly – 7 Shot

7 powerful shots of loud crackle to brocade breaks.

Beyond Control – 20 Shot (FSF Exclusive)

Brocade crown+red glittering , Brocade crown+blue star, Color star+silver chrys.

Black Magic – 22 Shot (FSF Exclusive)

Purple dahlia + gold glittering, Goose whistle + chrys, Purple dahlia + green glittering, Goose whistle + chrys, Purple Dahlia + gold glittering.

Blue Hurricane – 19 Shot

Storm watch! Blue Hurricane warning for your backyard. Whistle + blue bursts.

Blue Thunder – 20 Shot (FSF Exclusive)

Blue with gold glitter / Ti-coconut / red glitter / brocade crown / gold chrysanthemum

Captain’s Finale – 72s Assorted Cakes

Performance: row 1 and 2 each 2s shot by shot, brocade tail peach with silver plum, brocade tail peach with white strobe, row 3 and 4 shoot by burst, peach mine blast peach dahlia

Catapult – 16 Shot

Lots of action in this cake. Fish and strobe, golden tails to red and silver strobe, blue with red fish, red with green strobe, blue with green fish.

Color Pearl Flower – 96 Shot

96 unique shots of bright and colorful pearls and stars shooting high into the sky.