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200 Gram (76)

500 Gram (139)

2" Finale Cake (12)

3" Finale Cake (6)

Mammoth Assortment

Pro Grade Assortment of 4 unique 2" 10 Shot Finale Cakes that have HUGE and HARD breaking effects. Includes the following: Mammoth Brocade, Mammoth Peony, Mammoth Crackle, and Star Spangled Mammoth. Definite crowd pleaser!

Beast -172 shots

Red to sky blue to green,  Blast red green blue star ,  Blast crackling

Neon Party – 220 Shots

Brocade to red ,brocade to green ,brocade to blue . Blast brocade crown with blue ,red to time rain chry ,red with ti silver chry ,purple crackling flower ,green crackling flower ,red crackling flower

Captain’s Finale – 72s Assorted Cakes

Performance: row 1 and 2 each 2s shot by shot, brocade tail peach with silver plum, brocade tail peach with white strobe, row 3 and 4 shoot by burst, peach mine blast peach dahlia

Pyro Safari Assortment

6 Assorted 500 Gram cakes with unique effects. 12 Shots each. Included in set: Elephant, Giraffe, Leopard, Lion, Snake and Zebra