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Captain’s Finale – 72s Assorted Cakes

Performance: row 1 and 2 each 2s shot by shot, brocade tail peach with silver plum, brocade tail peach with white strobe, row 3 and 4 shoot by burst, peach mine blast peach dahlia

Catapult – 16 Shot

Lots of action in this cake. Fish and strobe, golden tails to red and silver strobe, blue with red fish, red with green strobe, blue with green fish.

Color Pearl Flower – 96 Shot

96 unique shots of bright and colorful pearls and stars shooting high into the sky.

Diamond Back – 16 Shot

16 Shots - golden tails to silver strobe, to green strobe, to red strobe, to crackle flower.

Energizer – 16 Shot

Energize the night sky with 16 massive shots of colorful effects.

Evil Clown – 18 Shot (FSF Exclusive)

Red star + white glittering, blue star + gold glittering, brocade crown + red glittering, brocade crown + red glittering, purple/green + time rain.