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Nightmare – 19 Shot (FSF Exclusive)

Blue pearl + gold glitter, red/green/blue pearl/ silver chrys + red plum.

No Mercy – 16 Shot (FSF Exclusive)

16 Shot (FSF Exclusive) time rain with red,time rain with green.

Power Trip – 16 Shot

16 Shot 500 Gram - 16 loud power tripping shots of purple, green, chrysanthemums and bright glitter with a 4 shot finale. Dominator Fireworks

Purple Party – 25 Shot

Bring on the purple party! 25 big shots of purple make this item a must have!

Pyro Safari Assortment

6 Assorted 500 Gram cakes with unique effects. 12 Shots each. Included in set: Elephant, Giraffe, Leopard, Lion, Snake and Zebra