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Supernova – 25 Shot

Color matching mines to shells in 5 shot fanned volleys of red, green, blue and loud crackling finale. Mad Ox Fireworks

Thrasher – 9 Shot

What has the power to rip open the night sky? Mad Ox's 9 shot thrasher! This item features huge bursts of multi-color peonies and flashing glitter.
touch the sky

Touch the Sky – 25 Shot

Light the fuse and reach out and touch the sky with 25 shots of awesome colors!
two min pro ox

Two Minute Pro Ox – 48 Shot

This item features near professional level effects including chrysanthemums, peonies, timed rain, fanned effects, and many more. The extra-long duration of 2 minutes makes it a full fireworks show in one box.
war of the worlds

War of Worlds – 20 Shot (FSF Exclusive)

20 Shot (FSF Exclusive) red with white strobe, green with white strobe.