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Seal Team Six – 24 Shot (FSF Exclusive)

Red, white & blue glittering mine, brocade crown, glittering and crackle.

Smack Down -16 Shot

Put the smack down on your neighborhood with 16 giant bursts of professional style effects!

Space Opera – 16 Shot

16 Shot 500 Gram Cake. A great multi-level fan cake. Like a laser battle across space, this item features flashing comets, bursting mines and huge colorful breaks.

Speed Limit 420 – 43 Shots

Alternating red green and crackle or purple yellow and red strobe peony. Then speeds up with crackling red and green comets, then finishing with a 2 stage finale; First a 5 shot volley of red and white strobe and last tourbillon tails to red and white strobe.

Star Spangled Mammoth – 10 Shot

2" 10 Shots of Pro grade Strobing Red, White and Blue Peonies.  Show your patriotic side with these HUGE Bursts!

Supernova – 25 Shot

Color matching mines to shells in 5 shot fanned volleys of red, green, blue and loud crackling finale. Mad Ox Fireworks