Our Top Picks for this Year

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American Pride – 15 Shot (FSF Exclusive)

Red glitter to blue glitter to white glitter. Show the American Flag your support with this cake!

Beast -172 shots

Red to sky blue to green,  Blast red green blue star ,  Blast crackling

Black Magic – 22 Shot (FSF Exclusive)

Purple dahlia + gold glittering, Goose whistle + chrys, Purple dahlia + green glittering, Goose whistle + chrys, Purple Dahlia + gold glittering.

Blue Thunder – 20 Shot (FSF Exclusive)

Blue with gold glitter / Ti-coconut / red glitter / brocade crown / gold chrysanthemum

Fat Tuesday – 20 Shot (FSF Exclusive)

Purple/green mine up to brocade crown and gold glitter.

Ghost Ship – 22 Shots (FSF Exclusive)

Goose whistle up to emit silver chrys & falling leaves, time rain mine up to silver chrys.

Honor & Respect – 24 Shot (FSF Exclusive)

Red mine up to red star, blue mine up to blue star, white mine up to white glittering.

Let Freedom Reign – 19 Shot (FSF Exclusive)

19 Shot Red glittering + white glittering + blue star.